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How to wash your swiming suit?

How to wash your swiming suit?

Your swimsuits and bikinis are as delicate as they are costly. They are subject to sand, dirt, sweat, sun lotion, harsh sunny temperatures, and more. Poorly washed and damp swimsuits are also a prime hotspot for fungal infections and rashes.

So, whether you wear them occasionally or daily, it’s crucial to wash them the right way so that you do not ruin your swimsuits prematurely. Here’s a short guide on how to clean your swimsuits and bikinis to make sure that they make you look fabulous all year round.


Rinse it right away

As soon you step out of your swimsuit, whether on the beach or after a few hours in the pool, rinse it right away. Doing so makes sure that the delicate fabric of the swimsuit isn’t exposed to chemicals from the pool, such as chlorine or from the sun lotion, sweat, and other muck for a long time.

Rinse the swimsuit gently under plain water and pack it away (This, however, doesn’t mean that you won’t be washing it properly once you get back home!). If possible, simply step into the showers at the beach or the pool wearing your swimsuit.


Do not wring your swimsuit

Your swimsuit fabric is very delicate, and wringing it harshly with your hands to get out excess water is going to cause a lot of damage. The best way to dry it out is to lay it flat and let it air dry. If you do not have plenty of time, press down a towel on the swimsuit gently. This way, you can dry your swimsuit to a large extent and also not ruin the fabric of it.


Avoid a washing machine at all costs

The constant agitation and tumbling of the washing machine are too harsh on your swimsuits. Your swimsuit will lose its strength and elasticity, become saggy and lifeless, and might even begin to leave colors.

Instead, wash your swimsuits and bikinis by hand. Be gentle and do not wring it. Turn your swimsuit inside out and wash it super gently.


Do not use a regular laundry detergent.

Regular laundry detergent might work fantastic for your regular clothes but will quite effectively ruin your swimsuits. Instead, use a mild hand soap (preferably liquid), and wash your swimsuit by hand using this. Make sure that the soap doesn’t have any added moisturizers. Also, how much ever tempting it might sound, do not use bleach on any of your swimsuits, especially the white ones!


Air dry your swimsuits.

Just like a washing machine, the regular tumbling of a dryer is too hard on your swimsuits. Put out your swimsuits and bikinis to dry in the air once you are done washing them with mild hand soap. Doing so ensures that your swimsuits do not lose their sheen and elasticity.

If you do not have enough time to let it air dry, use your hairdryer instead. Set it to blow out cold air and use it to dry your swimsuit. Remember, this method should be used very occasionally and only when you have absolutely no other choice.

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