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Privacy Policy


We want you to know that we are dedicated to protecting you and your privacy. By using our website(, you agree to our Privacy Policy. There is a registration procedure you will have to complete to access our site. For the purpose of improving your shopping experience and communicating our services, deals, and products with you, we gather certain information.

The information we collect includes your name, gender, date of birth, email address, phone number, postal address, and credit card details. You provide these details when making purchases or by participating in surveys and sweepstakes. The information gathered is also used to fulfill your orders and send you communications regarding purchase updates. The data collected can also be used to provide you with membership invites for your friends.

We also keep a record of your purchase history, wishlist, or product interests so that we can offer you a more personalized shopping experience. Traffic patterns and site usage is also something we monitor to improve our services and website design. We fully recognize the need to use any information you provide us with responsibly. 

We may combine the information you give us in-store and online with public information we receive from our select partners and other networks. Our intention here is to offer you better service. We do this so we can personalize your experience with our stores, send you special offers, promotions, and upcoming event news.

We will not, for any purpose, sell or rent your email address. In some instances, we might disclose some of your information to our other stores and partners. We are also legally required to share your information with security firms that we contract with. The purpose behind this is to protect your credit cards or gift cards from unauthorized use. Also, you can, at any time, choose to unsubscribe from our mailing list.

We only share your credit card or debit card information with third party businesses, as per legal requirements to process your purchases. We may contract with companies to protect you against fraud or identity theft; in this instance, we might share your personal information with them.

All your account information is available to you if you wish to update or delete it. To do this, visit the ‘My Account’ section when you login, located at the top of every page on our site. The edit, change, and delete, options for that are available there too. If you would like us to delete the information we have saved to our files about you, you may email us at customer services. Please include your full name and email address when contacting us. You also have the option to call us and speak with one of our customer representatives.

Our website uses cookies that gather anonymous information on your visits or from our advertising promotion events. The information collected from your browsing patterns is then used by our partners to deliver target specific advertisements. In this way, the offers you see will relate directly to things you are interested in. Cookies also help save time; it is through the use of cookies that our website remembers your email address and other information.

These partners do not gather personal, identifiable data. You can, however, choose to opt-out, so just click here. Your decision to opt-out may need to be renewed if you delete cookies or use another browser or another computer. By disabling cookies, however, you may not be able to use every feature available on our site.

Our data collection also includes your IP address, which enables you to use the internet to access our website. Your IP address can come from your service provider, business, or employer that gives you access to an internet connection. Your IP address is not personal information.  We can use your IP address to gather information on how frequently you use our website and how you use it. It is possible, however, to combine an IP address with your personal information. In such instances, your IP address is considered personal information and will be used responsibly. Our website may also collect non-personal details through other techniques.

We use technology to collect impersonal information for a variety of reasons. It could include tracking your user experience of our website to improve it. We also use this technology as another means by which we track the traffic on our website, for you and other users as well. Some of the HTML emails we send you can contain data that allows us to know whether or not you have opened our emails, or if you have forwarded them on to others.

We may also disclose non-specific, anonymous statistics about how many people visit our site and how many purchases are completed, as and when our investors need it.  We contract with research companies to measure how much traffic our website is receiving, and this is where embedded code and cookies come into play again.

The information gathered for measurement purposes includes which pages are being visited, how long you spend on a specific page, other paths taken around the site, and generalized data. The data gathered is also stored by our company to improve user experience on our website. All the information that we collect about you is securely deleted when we no longer need it.

We do not intentionally collect or store information from children who are under the age of 18. If it is brought to our attention that we have collected underage information, we will delete it as fast as we can. 


We use Google Analytics to track and understand your use of our website. While Google Analytics uses cookies, we do not allow them to gather any of your personal information, credit card details, or passwords. They are also not allowed to make use of the data they collect for any other reason besides assisting us. They are bound by a strict confidentiality agreement.


You must be 18 years or over to register with our website and own a rewards card. You cannot submit any personal information to our store if you are below this age. If we discover that an underage user has registered with our website, all account information and rewards pertaining to that account will be deleted.


We want to protect you at all times so that you feel confident when you order with us. We employ industry standards to keep your data safe and secure. All your card information is encrypted using SSL technology. To know if you are on a secure website, look out for the “https” in the address bar. SSL software ensures all your transactions are safe and that your shared information is protected.


We encourage all of our customers to keep their passwords safe. Sharing your password could lead to account hacking, and we will not be liable in this instance. Ensure that you select a strong password for your account; if you do need to reset it, then we can help you do so.



From time to time, we may make updates to our Privacy Policy. All updates will be listed on this page so you can stay informed. We will understand that you agree to the changes in our policy when you continue to use our website.

For further clarification on anything mentioned in our Privacy Policy, please contact us. 

Contact us 
For more information about our privacy practices, if you have questions, or if you would like to make a complaint, please contact us by e‑mail at

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